BioPlus Algae Oil

Algae Oil „BioDHA®“

The vegan source for essential Omega-3 fatty acids!

Goerlich Pharma is since August 2015 exklusive distributor of the company BioPlus, for algae oil „BioDHA®“ 40% and DHA powder 10% in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

„BioDHA®“ is an algal Omega-3 concentrate produced from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp..

With algal oil there is now a vegan alternative to fish and krill, as this oil delivers DHA as well as EPA. This is of special importance for vegetarians who eat little or no fish and for vegans, because they do not take up the recommend daily amount of 200-300 mg of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.

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  • All-natural vegan source
  • The product is Novel Food certified
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable source of DHA; not fish derived
  • Fermenter / biochemical reactor (closed system), no contact with environmental contaminant

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