premium finishing for tablets and soft capsules.

Coating offers a wide range of possibilities:

  • Coating on basis of HPMC, HPC (Cellulose)
    or PVA (polyvinyl alcohol)
  • Big variety of natural colourants or transparent coating
  • Aromatization of coating, e.g. with vanillin or sweetener
  • Enteric coating with shellac or ethyl cellulose

Multiple advantages:

  • Protection against humidity, oxygen and light
  • Coloured coating to strengthen your brand identity
  • High-grade visual appearance
  • Delayed release of active ingredients
  • Enteric coating
  • Masking of taste and odour
  • Easier swallowing of tablets and soft capsules

Service “Everything from one source”

  • Formulation development
  • Raw material procurement
  • Flexible packaging
  • Minimum order quantity approx. 100 kg tablets/capsules

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